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New ! Danish Soldiers in CSA service during WBTS
Welcome to the Borgerkrigen.info `s pages for Scandinavians who fought for the Confederate States during the War Between the States. The subject has been a forgotten part of the history of the War.

Little have been known about many of the units they fought and who they were. These pages will try to enlighten some of the Scandinavians "in rebel ranks" that did fight for their new homeland. Since the war ended, almost everything related in the Scandinavian community has envolved around their participation on the Union side, and that`s natural, since 97% of the soldiers did fight on this side of the conflict.

We`ll take a closer look on the last 3% of these brave men on "the other side".

About the contents
The website, as of date, have most information about Norwegian soldiers, but we do incorporate any Scandinavian soldier that did Confederate Service. We are very happy to introduce an article about Finnish Civil War participation ( both Confederate and Union ). This is also an untold story in the WBTS - saga. Information on Danish Confederate soldiers are in the making, and are ready to be viewed now to some extent. Swedish soldiers are under investigation, but will take longer time to be presented. This is due to the person that sits on most information about them are aiming his work toward a book in the future, and will not present his material on the Net before this is published.

What we present on our pages are an annotated roster of the soldiers. The version you are to explore; are version 1, and the site will envolve with further research as time goes by. Do drop in from time to time to take look at the evolution of information. If you have any information of a soldier we`ve not recorded; do drop us a line by mail.

How many was there ?
The amount of participation of Scandinavians on Confedrate side was not in the thousands, but rather in the hundreds. But, they represent a side of the Confederacy that has not been told allot of,and that is the Confederate forces did have it`s fair share of foreigners in their ranks.

Time to honor..

An impression of Southern general view goes to that Federal forces was "an army of foreigners and immigrants". That is to some extent true, but the view lefts out; too often, that there was a large number of "foreigners and immigrants" fighting in grey too. Their participation and "fighting spirit" have been toned down in Confederate WBTS-history. The truth is that in units with mostly "foreigners and immigrants" was amoung the hardest fighting. A good example of that are the 10th Louisiana - "Lee`s Foreign Legion". A regiment with over 22 different nations represented. Around the campfire you would hear soldiers speaking Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, German etc. They did fight hard, and was in front on many occasions. So was others at fronts and battles around America during those faithful years... .

Scandinavian soldiers did share all the aspects of a WBTS-soldier: - you`ll find him in prison-camps for a long period, in hospitals, in massgraves on different battlefields, some even on "french-leave" for a period, others deserted both ways and several spoken of in greate honor. This site will present them all... .

Why do you bother ?..
The facination and interest of the WBTS drove us to present our fellow countrymen and bloodbrothers in CSA. Largely due to that we here and there came by statements from Scandinavian federal soldiers that they were in contact with fellow countrymen in grey, and books that have stated that there was Scandinavian soldiers in grey. We asked ourself: "Why haven`t we heard about them ? Who were they ?". We did understand that it was time to try to find " The Forgotten Boys of The South".

"I am wondering.."
You may wonder why we present all the Scandinavians together, since we are all independent nations ? The main reason is that they in most cases did fight together in same regiment or company. Secondly, Scandinavians in America, both South and North, did settle themselves in the same geographical area. The third reason is that the names of the soldiers are difficult to judge in some cases that they either was Danish, Swedish or Norwegian.This is because of the bad recordkeeping they kept in the South during the War. A search after immigrants/foreigners in the South are as "looking for a needle in the heystack". This is due to they didn`t in most cases write down place of birth or nationality in the soldiers military records.

Main aim..
The information presented have been collected thru many years, months, weeks, days and hours to get hold of by many different people. For our part, it has been a patient task to obtain all the data, and find bits and pices here and there. But,we do hope everyone enjoy our discoverys, because our main aim are to honor those who fought, and that people that are interested in Scandinavian participation during the War Between The States do have a source for information to turn to. A new leaf in Confederate history are about to be turned. Enjoy !



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