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HANSON, Weightman 'Old Flintlock' , Roger - Brigadier General
Commander of the 1st Kentucky Orphan Brigade - CSA

Born August 27, 1827 at Winchester, Clark County KY.
Occ: Lawyer.
Served two terms in the Kentucky Legislature - 1853 and 1855.
Colonel - Kentucky State Guard, 1860.
Colonel - 2nd Kentucky Infantry Regiment (2nd,4th,5th,6th and 9th).
Participated in the Hartsville Expedition,TN, in 1862.
Elected Brigadier- General - 13 Dec. 1862
Captured at Fort Donelson, 1862.
POW - Fort Delaware,Delaware
Mortally wounded January 2, 1863 Stone's River/ Murfreesboro.
Died January 4, 1863 at house near the battlefield.
Buried in Lexington, KY.

"The Surviving members of the Orphan Brigade erect this stone in memory of their Commander and his devoted wife. Let this monument witness now, and to coming generation, our knowlege of his worth, our sense of his valor, our pride in his patriotism, and our profound conviction that he fell in the defense of a righteous cause"

The General was decendant of Swedish immigrants.

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DAHLGREN, Charles G. - Brigadier General - ( 1811 - 1888 )
Commander of the 3rd Brigade , Army of Mississippi - CSA

Born 13 Aug 1811, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Occ: Banker, Bank of the United States - Nanchez,Mississippi
He was also as very active in other enterprises thruout the South.

He raised the Brigade ( 3rd and 7th Missisippi Infantry Regt.) by own means. But, when the Brigade was transferred from State service into Confederate service, he lost his command. The General was known as being a man with strong temper and opinions, and strongly opposed this transfer. This did cost him his command, and started a fuse with the Davis-family that lasted from 1862 to 1906. (President Davis and his family)

"Charles G. Dahlgren came from a family that played a prominent role in the effort to preserve the Union. His older brother, John, was a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy and enjoyed a measure of fame for inventing naval guns. In 1864, Johnís son, Col. Ulric Dahlgren, died in a Union cavalry raid against Richmond. Charlesís other brother, William, spent part of the war in England spying on Confederate purchasing agents. In ironic contrast, Charlesís compelling story evolves within the hierarchy of Southern aristocracy."
Taken from the forword of "Charles Dahlgren of Natchez
The Civil War and Dynastic Decline"
by Herschel Gower - Brassey's, Inc., $17.95
Paperback | 293 pages | 1574885251 | September 2002

The General was decent of a Swedish immigrant. His father was Swedish.

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FORSBERG, Augustus L. - Colonel
51st Virginia Infantry Regiment - CSA
Commanded the Forsberg Brigade July 1864 - March 1865
(45th,50th,51st VA Inf and 30th Batt.Virginia Sharpshooters)

Born Jan 13,1832 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Occ: Engineer
Served in the Swedish Army Engineer Corps in his youth, and immigrated to the States in 1855. He embarked from the North in South - Carolina during the bombardment of Sumter. From April to August 1861 he did serve as topographical engineer in Charlston Habor. In August he entered the 51st Virginia Infantry. Here began his career in the CSA with a widely known affection for the South and the Confederacy.

2nd Lt - 11 Oct 1861
Lt - Colonel - 26 May 1862
Colonel - 8 July 1863

Carnifax Ferry - 11 Sept 1861
Fort Donalson - 12-16 Feb 1862 (cited bravery)
Kanawha Vally Campaign,WV - 6 - 16 Sept 1862

(His regiment saw little action in 1863,"interior security")

Cold Habor - 27 May - 4 June 1864
Lynchburg - 17 June 1864
Took command of the Brigade in July 1864 ("Forsberg`s Brigade")
(45th,50th,51st and 30th Batt.Virginia Sharpshooters)
Participated in Early`s Raid on Washington
Frederick - 7-8 July 1864
Monocacy - 9 July 1864
Fort Stevens - 11 July 1864
Kernstown - 24 July 1864
Leetown - 25 Aug 1864
3rd Winchester - 19 Sept 1864 (wounded)

Waynsboro - 2 March 1865 (captured)

POW at Fort Delaware - March 1865 to 24 July 1865

The Colonel deceased on 15th July 1910 in Lynchburg.

One of his closest friends spoke of him with these words:
" Here lies this generous stranger who wandered with his precious blood the tree of liberty".

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HAMMARSKJÖLD, Carl ( Charles) Jacob. - Lieutenant Colonel
34th North Carolina Infantry Regiment - CSA

Born June 3,1833 in Skoltuna, Västmanland,Sweden
Hammarskjöld was from one of the foremost noble families in Sweden traced back to the 17th century. His father was a cavalry captain in the Swedish Army. The journy to US took place after his father ironworks got financial problems in Sweden. His family settled down first in Cooperville,South-Carolina,and got into the ironworks business there. Carl Jacob did also work as postmaster in Spring Hill to help the family out. In 1860 his father died,and Cal Jacob sold the ironwork they had and moved his family to Charlotte,N.C.

Just a few weeks after Fort Sumter did Hammarskjöld volunteer his services for North-Carolina.On the 25th of Oct 1861 he became 1st Lieutenant, Co E, 34th North - Carolina Infantry.

25 Oct 1862 - 2 April 1862:- 1st Lieutenant
2 April 1862 - 16.april 1862:- Major
17 April 1862 - Lieutenant Colonel

From 25 Oct 1861 to June 1862:- port duty, Wilmington, N.C
June 1862 - Transferred to Maj.Gen A.P Hills "Light Division", Jacksons Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

Mechanichsville - 26 June 1862
Gaines` Mill - 27 June 1862
Fraysers Fram - 30 June 1862

His career halted because an eye injury while helping defending Richmond - 12 July 1862 ( wounded ). Had to resign from service because of this. He stayed with his family in the South (Spring Hill) until November 1863 , when he,his mother and sister decided to move back to Sweden.

Carl ( Charles) Jacob Hammarskjöld died in 1884,Stockholm, Sweden

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ERSSON, Eric - Lieutenant Colonel
52nd North Carolina Infantry - CSA

Born 1840 in Haglunda, Uppland, Sweden
Ersson came to the US at the age of 10 in 1850. His father was hired by Hammarskjöld to work for him in South-Carolina, but Ersson was employed in Lincolnton,N.C as a merchant when he war broke out.

He entered the Confederate Army as Private 25 April 1861 in 1st North-Carolina Infantry,Co K.

25 April - 25 July - Private, 1st N.C Infantry
25 July - Corporal, 1st N.C Infantry
1st N.C Infantry mustered out of service November 1861
28 april 1862 - Captain, 52nd N.C Infantry,Co H
July 1863 - Major
30 August 1864 - Lieutenant Colonel

Big Bethel - 10 June 1861

April 1862- June 1863:- border duty N.C - Virginia

June 1863:- the 52nd N.C Infantry joined R.E Lee and Army of Northern Virginia in Pennsylvania.

Gettysburg "Picketts Charge"- July 3 (wounded)
Bristoe Station - 14 Oct 1863
Mine Run - 27 Nov 1863 - 2 Dec 1863

The Wilderness - 5-7 May 1864
Spotsylvania - 8 May 1864
North Anna - 23-26 May 1864
Cold Habor - 27 May - 4 June 1864
Siege of Petersburg 15-18 June 1864
Reams Station - 25 August 1864 (wounded)
Peebles Farm - 30 September 1864
Burgess Mills - 27 October 1864

Hatchers Run - 6 February 1865
Final Defence Petersburg - 2 April 1865
Surrendered with Lee - 9 April 1865

Ersson became after the war a beloved man in his community, and served as county commissioner for Lincolnton Co, N.C . In 1872 he had an accident (fell off his horse). Got a severe internal injury from that, and died 32 years old. To honor him, the other county commissioners dedicated a hole page in the recordbook and passed a resolution. In 1999 a bronze marker was revealed in the county under honorguards, Saint Luke`s Lutheran Church, Lincolnton County,N.C .

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HALLONQUIST, James Henry - Lieutenant Colonel

Born in South Carolina. Did serve in 4th U.S. Light Artillery before the war. Brevet 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Artillery, 1 July 1858. 2nd Lieutenant, 4th Artillery, 24 February 1859. Resigned US duty, 1 January 1861.

- Captain - First Artillery Battalion, South Carolina Army - 12 April 1861
- Lieutenant - CS Army - 20 April 1861,Pensacola,Florida
- Major - 2nd Alabama Artillery Battalion - 6 Dec 1861
- Major - Inspector of Artillery,Army Staff, Army of Mississippi - 1862
- Lt Colonel - Inspector of Artillery,Army Staff,Army of Tennessee - 1863
- Lt Colonel - Chief of Reserve Artillery,Army of Tennessee - 1864
- Lt Colonel - Chief of Reserve Artillery,CSA,Macon,Georgia - 1865

He had several commisions during WBTS, and was noted with honor in many battlereports. At Fort Sumter he was a Captain in First Artillery Battalion, SC with honor ( Fort Moultrie). At Shiloh he was Chief of Artillery (Major) in Ruggles' Div., 2nd Corps, Army of the Miss. At Missionary Ridge he did serve with Major-General Stewart`s Div,Breckinridge`s Corps, Army of Tennessee.( Lieutenant Colonel )

Fort Sumter - 12 April 1861
Pensacola - 20 April 1861 - Inspector & Mustering Officer,Florida
Mobile - 6 Dec 1861 - Battalion Commander,2nd Alabama Artillery Battalion
Shiloh - 6 April 1862
Kentucky Campaign - Fall 1862
Murfreesboro - 31 Dec 1862 - 2 Jan 1863
Tullahoma Campaign - 1863
Chickamauga - 1863
Chattanooga - 1863
Atlanta - 22 July - Sept 1864

Macon - Sept 1864 - Feb 1865

" During the bombardment, I observed specially the behavior of the troops at Fort Moultrie, and at Captains Butler's and Hallonquist's mortar batteries. At all these posts the energy and spirit displayed alike by officers and men could not be surpassed, I believe, by any troops in the world. "
Brig. Gen. R. G. M. Dunovant, in his Battlereport of Fort Sumter
- Commanding, South Carolina Army.

Hallonquist committed sucide in 1884. Rests in in Kaufman County,Texas (place unknown, no deathrecords exist)
The Colonel was born by Swedish immigrants

If you as a visitor has any additional information of the distingwish men above or other known Swedish Confederate soldiers, we`ll be grateful to add Your information on the site.
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