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(Cook's Regiment)

Mustered in at Galveston 13 Sep 61 as 3rd Texas Heavy Artillery Battalion
(with 3 companies, increased to 6 by 1862). Increased to a regiment 28 Apr 62.
Surrendered 2 Jun 65.

Co B (Labuzon's Battery; Wier's Texas Heavy Art.) Org. 7 Dec 61 in Galveston.

(186?/19) Oliver DAHLE - Private

B: [Oliver Dahle] ab. 1830-35 in Norway. Enlisted at Galveston 22 May 62 for the war.
Detached on a shell bank at Sabine River Nov-Dec 62, on board steamer Josiah H. Bell (Galveston bay) Jan - Feb `63, on board steamer Diana 8th Oct - ca. Dec `63 (tender for gunboat in Galveston bay). On extra duty in engineering department Jan - Feb (?) 64. Detailed as Harbour Police 27 Dec 64 - spring 65. Paroled at Galveston 7 Jul 65 (parole no. 849).
D: ? (alive 1880) SEE APPENDIX 'D'

Co B (Labuzon's Battery; Wier's Texas Heavy Art.) Org. 7 Dec 61 in Galveston.

(185?/3) Benjamin DOLSON - Private

Transferred from Co F, 26th Texas Cavalry Regiment 7 (16?) Jul `62. Detached at shell bank on Sabine River Nov - Dec `62. Absent on furlough 10th Apr - 5th May 63. Detailed on steamer Diana in Galveston bay 8th Oct - ca. Dec `63, on despatch boat at Galveston 25th Mar `64 - spring `65. Paroled at Galveston 28 Jun 65 (parole no. 419).
D: 1917, Galveston, Texas.


Co D (Mason's Battery, Nichols' Battery) Org. 3 Oct 61, in Nov 64 became 15th Texas Field Battery

(1850/17) Ole A ANDERSON - Private / 1st Sergeant

B: Ole Andersen Sundet 7 Dec 1826, Åmli, Norway. Name appears on Aug `64 Regimental Return. Remarks: "Sick in Houston since Aug. 29/1864." Our Parents, undated typescript by Mrs. O. T. Nystel (1855-1937, daughter of Ole Anderson): "When the Civil War came, father was called. He was in the service two years and mother at home with four children." Family History of Ole Anderson and Berget Tergerson, as compiled from Bible and other Authorized History by J. P. Nystel, grandson of this couple (dated 28 Jan 1965): "Ole Anderson served in the Confederate Army, enlisted as a Private in Cook's [regiment] in Henderson County, Texas, and served two years until captured by the Northern forces, kept a prisoner until the end of the Civil War, and was then sent home. He attained the rank of a Master Sergeant in Cook's [regiment]."
D: 2 May 1914, Bosque county, Texas (Norse).

Co E (Von Harten's Battery, McMahon's Battery) Org. 4 Oct 61, in Nov 1864 became 2d Texas Field

(186?/15) Ole Christian TELLEFSON - Private

B: Ole Christian Tellefsen 5 Nov 1836, Kristiansand, Norway.
According to biographical sketch in History of Texas together with a Biographical History of Houston and Galveston (Chicago 1895), he first served (1861) in the Confederate Ordnance Department, then joined Von Harten's battery of Cook's Regiment of Heavy Artillery. With this unit he took part in the recapture of Galveston 1st Jan `63, and was subsequently transferred to the Texas Marine Department.

Co G (Houston Artillery, Manly's Battery, Whittaker's Battery) Org. 12 Dec 61 in Houston.

(186?/42) Alexander E. OLSEN - Private

B: Alexander E. Olsen ca 1842 in Norway. Service record not yet acquired. D: ?

(Dallas Light Artillery - 1st Texas Artillery)
Mustered in 13 Jun 61 at Dallas. Surrendered 4 May 65.

(1853/49) Peter N SPAUNBURGH - Private

B: Peder Nielsen Spangberg 27th Jul 1822, Stange, Norway. Enlisted at Dallas 13th Jun `61 for 12 months.
Sick in camp Sep 61. Left sick (wounded?) at Barboursville, Kentucky, 29th Aug `62, to be captured by the Federals.
Died there 3rd Sep `62.

(Van Dorn Light Artillery - 4th Texas Field Battery)
Mustered in 1 Jul 61. Officially designated 4th TEXAS FIELD BATTERY 19 Nov 64. Surrendered 2 Jun 65.

(1850/101) Tom ALBERTSON - Private

Transferred from Co G, 11th Texas Infantry Regiment 22 May 63. Absent on detached service at Taylor Hospital, Alexandria, Louisiana, 28 May 63 - ? (throughout the war?). D: 3 Jul 1893, Tyler, Texas.

(Dixie Grays - Cook's Battery -
Fontaine's Battery - 3rd Texas Field Battery)

Mustered in 25th Jun `61 at Harrisburg,TX
29th Jun `61 - 28th Apr `62:- Co A, 3rd Texas Heavy Artillery Battalion
28th Apr `62 - 28th Feb `63:- (1st) Co A, 1st Texas Heavy Artillery Regiment.
From June 1863 to 19th Nov `64 the battery was assigned to 7th Texas Artillery Battalion (Maj. S. T. Fontaine) as Co A.
Officially designated 3rd TEXAS FIELD BATTERY 19th Nov 64.
Surrendered 2 Jun 65.

(185?/26) Lars LARSON - Private

B: ca. 1833 in Norway. Enlisted at Harrisburg 25th Jun 61 for the war.
Detailed as boatman in Galveston bay 1st Oct `61 - 10th Feb `62. In hospital, Houston, Texas, 20th - 25th Feb `63. In hospital, Columbus, Texas, 16th Aug `64 - ? Deserted 5th Jan `65 from Brownsville, Texas (went to New Orleans, probably via Matamoros, Mexico). Paroled Jun `65, Galveston, Texas. D: ?

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