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The 1860 census shows 188 Norwegians residing in the future 11 Confederate States, Texas excepted. There were 63 in Louisiana and 51 in Alabama - for the most part in New Orleans and Mobile -, with a small number scattered in Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Only 46 individuals have been identified as Confederate soldiers or sailors, but this number must probably be multiplied by 3 in order to arrive at a reasonable estimate of the total number of Norwegians who served in the Confederate military forces outside of Texas. Not all the records of the individuals listed below have yet been examined, thus there may be one or two Swedes or Danes among them. Very much research remains to be done with regard to this subject.

Note that all names are indexed here in the spelling most frequently used on the muster rolls (in parenthesis is noted birthplace in Norway, if known). Full Norwegian name is given in connection with date and place of birth in the roster, if known.

Name Birthplace Unit
BROWN, Peter William   5th Louisiana Infantry
BROWN, Charles   CSS Tennessee
CLARK, Charles   CSS Tennessee
CRONANDER, S. M.   8th Louisiana Infantry
GUNDERSON, Edward Solør 6th Louisiana Infantry
HELDT, William H N.C. 2d North Carolina Artillery
1st North Carolina Artillery
HENNINGSON, F   10th Louisiana Infantry
HEYER, August   CSS Livingston
JOHNSON, William E   41st Virginia Infantry
CSS Virginia (Merrimack)
KNUDSEN, Ole   17th Tennessee Infantry
KNUDSON, Andrew   *
LEWIS, Carl   10th Louisiana Infantry
MARTIN, Samuel Kragerø CSS Florida
MODIEN, John Christiania (Oslo) 6th Louisiana Infantry
NELSON, Frank   8th Louisiana Infantry
OHLSON, Charles M   CAPTAIN, 4th Arkansas Infantry
OLSEN, Charles   CSS Alabama
OLSEN, C. M.   1st South Carolina Rifles (Militia)
OLSEN, Gabriel Kristiansand 24th Alabama Infantry
OLSEN, James   1st (Olmstead's) Georgia Infantry
OLSEN, James   1st Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters
OLSEN, Knude Tysvœr 10th Tennessee Infantry
OLSEN, Lars   3rd South Carolina Reserves
OLSON, Alexander   1st South Carolina State Troops
OLSON, C. F.   37th Alabama Infantry
OLSON, John   11th Mississippi Infantry
OLSON ,Lars   1st South Carolina State Troops
OLSON, P.B   37th Alabama Infantry
OMBERG, William F Floyd Co,GA 8th Georgia Infantry
REISERSON, Oscar Lillesand 35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
THOMPSON, Nicolai Mandal Alabama ? *
THORDALSEN, Thomas   8th Louisiana Infantry
THURSTON, Ole   9th Louisiana Infantry
WITTER, McMillan AR 3rd Mississippi Infantry
AADLAND, Lars Tysvœr *
* = UNIT UNKNOWN. No National Archives service records exist, but reliable statements of said person's service has been located elsewhere (pension records, obituaries, family histories, letters,etc.)
Additional names that has not been examined closely yet
GHERKEN, E.G Co A, 4th Regt, European Brig., GA Militia
JOICE, John Co C, 14th Louisiana Infantry
JOHNSON, William Co F, 43rd Alabama Infantry
KETTELSON, O Co B, 1st Louisiana Special Batt.  
POULSON, James Co A, 46th Virginia Infantry
RANDOLEN, Ole O. Louisiana*
RAGLAND, J.T Co I, 51st Alabama Cavalry (?)
PETERSON, J.P Co I, 51st Alabama Cavalry ( ass.surgeon CSA)
WANG, Fredrick Jr. 1st LT - Co G, 5th Louisiana Infantry
WANG, George W. AQM - 5th Louisiana Infantry

There is always stories bound to research, and we have one funny that happend here:
One day we got a mail from a researcher who was looking for Chinese WBTS-soldiers (!), and he had stumbled over the Wang-brothers in 5th Louisiana Infantry. For many of you, it may sound right that these men should be just "Chinese", but in Norway their names are not written with " W ", but with a single " V ". Vang is a county in central Norway, and is located in the heartland of the area that many Norwegians emigrated from. You can take closer look of the county here . (webcam)

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